Peruzzi Pens Special Message to Healthcare Workers on the Frontline in Fight against Covid-19 Pandemic

By Cheloti Joshua

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With the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, Health Care Workers are a group of individuals who are playing a vital role in ensuring a win that would restore the world back to normalcy.

Coronavirus came with many effects among them disruption in travels, learning as well as our usual way of socializing, now that we’re required to keep a social distance.

Even as they fight the pandemic with the rest of us asked to stay home, health care workers are also exposing themselves to a high risk of contracting h highly infectious virus. This is probably one of the reasons we need to do everything possible to keep the health workers motivated even as we also do our part, sanitize, wear masks and stay at home.

As a way of celebrating and recognizing the efforts of Health Care Workers, Nigerian singer and songwriter Peruzzi has written a special message to them.

In the message that he posted on his Instagram account, Peruzzi noted that the health care workers cannot be thanked enough for their sacrifices.

He however wished them the best and said “you are in our thoughts and prayers always.

Here is the full message the singer posted alongside a video that several individuals have come together to leave a message to Nigerian Health Care Workers.

“Love & Prayers Up For Our Healthcare Workers (Heroes). A standing ovation for our heroes and the REAL Plugs- our health care workers and all those on the frontlines of the battle against Covid-19 in Nigeria.

We cannot thank you enough for your bravery, kindness, and your valiant sacrifice. Wishing you all the best and you are in our thoughts and prayers always. Keep soaring, keep shining, keep fighting.”

Nigeria is among several African countries that have recorded a huge number of confirmed Coronavirus cases.

It is only recently that the government eased lockdown restrictions on some of the affected states among them the capital Abuja, Lagos and Ogun.

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