Teamarrr Releases New Single For The Insecure Playlist Titled 'Temperature'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Teamarrr is fast rising to be the star everyone likes to listen to; she is unapologetic and brush in a very sweet way. She is back with a new single dubbed ‘Temperature’.

‘Temperature’ is a single about the initial stages of love and one is slowly falling in love. This is in the whole context of learning someone, you go through the motions of ‘you annoy me but you make me happy’.

Teamarrr’s penmanship is very poetic with a lot of rhyme; in a way she writes as she speaks. In this song she engages us with her thoughts (as in many other songs) with a chorus that speaks volumes about how she thinks she feels about her love interest, “my temperature changes every time that you, come around me.”

‘Temperature’ is laid on a medium-paced beat which gives Teamarrr a window to change her flow through the song from the verses to the hook to the chorus. This also gives her plenty of room to oscillate between her normal voice and a very high-pitched almost head voice.

The Issa Rae’s Raedio signed artist will of course be releasing a lot of new music with the new season of Insecure going on. ‘Temperature’ actually appears on the ‘Insecure’ playlist from the latest episode.

Catch a vibe with Teamarrr on ‘Temperature’.

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