Black Coffee Features Sabrina Claudio In New Single 'SBCNCSLY'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Black Coffee and Sabrina Claudio have been teasing us from the studio for close to half a year now and they have finally let us in on their new single ‘SBCNCSLY’ (Subconsciously). There is great magic when the king of house music and the ever soulfully sensual Sabrina come together, as this song proves.

‘SBCNCSLY’ is layered on a house beat that starts off slow and progresses to a medium paced beat. Sabrina Claudio maintains all the grace in her voice through the song. She drags out the words in the verses to create this contrast between the beat and her singing over it. This also brings Sabrina’s signature sensual sound to the song.

Sabrina Claudio has a beautiful voice that is soft and almost fades out at every point. This soulful richness to the voice brings a soft contrast to the otherwise highly pumped instrumentation that Black Coffee has mixed for the single.

Listening to this single, it goes without saying that it was worth waiting for this single all that while. Also watching Sabrina and Black Coffee writing and creating together has been preparing us for such perfection. Catch a vibe with Black Coffee and Sabrina Claudio on ‘SBCNCSLY’.

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