Nandy Drops 13 Songs for Her Album ‘The African Princess’

By Branice Nafula

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Celebrated Tanzanian Songstress Nandy has finally dropped thirteen songs for her much awaited album ‘The African Princess’.

Nandy is an eye candy to the music world, and boasts of a successful music career in East Africa.

Her album was long overdue as fans have been appreciative of her music since she debuted after participating in a musical show in Nigeria by Tecno.

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Here is a breakdown of some of the tracks she has released recently:

1. Nyanyasa

This is a heart break song that highlights the plight of a girl that had been in love before, but broken by that same man she loved.

The lyrics show a broken girl who endured embarrassment in the name of love.

2. Baikoko

This is another heart break, however, unlike the first one, this time the lady is reminiscing the love she once felt for her man.

She, however, expresses disappointment that all he did was expose their issues to the public when she trusted him.

3. Nigande

Nigande is all about love. The touch of love and sensual beats in the song becomes its selling factor.

In this song, Nandy showers all the love she feels to her man without hesitation, as she longs to always be in his arms. We can admit that Nandy is good when it comes to Swahili RnB.

4. Ninogeshe

You cannot mention Nandy, without mentioning her hit song; Ninogeshe.  Ninogeshe was among her first songs which endeared her to Tanzanians and the entire East African region.

Other songs released include; Powerful, Bado,  Kivuruge, Aibu, Oneday, Kongoro, Wasikudanyanye, Hazipo and Thamani.

All the thirteen  audios are available on YouTube.

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