Sallam SK Denies Parting Ways with Diamond

By Paul A.

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Diamond Platinumz manager Sallam SK has come out to dismiss reports that he has parted ways with the WCB head.

This is after reports emerged that Sallam had parted ways with the singer just days after recovering from Coronavirus.

Through his Instagram account, Sallam noted the rumors were created by bloggers,

 “Umewaona wale wanataka kuboost viblog vyao vimekosa habari, sasa wacha tuwape habari njema au unasemaje @diamondplatnumz Wajiandae leo au kesho kwenye Insta Live?,” posted Sallam.

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The two are set to hold a session with their fans on Instagram live where they are expected to share some news he did not delve into.

“Nakuskiliza Mzee Professor .... We Nipe Su niSusushe!” Diamond replied to the post.

 Before being taken ill for the Coronavirus, Sallam had accompanied Diamond Platinumz and other Wasafi crew members to Paris, France.

 It is in France where Sallam is believed to have contracted the virus. Consequently, upon their return to Tanzania, Diamond and other Wasafi members went into quarantine as a precautionary measure.

 Days later, Wasafi's main producer Ayo Laizer tested positive for the virus and he is currently undergoing treatment in Tanzania.

 No details have been shared regarding the producer's progress with medication.

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