Is Burna Boy Quitting Twitter?

By Cheloti Joshua

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Twitter users were on Wednesday left in confusion after popular Nigerian singer Burna Boy announced that he had just posted his last personal tweet.

Burna Boy who recently released a hit song dubbed ‘Odogwu’ said he was leaving the app (Twitter) because, according to him, “he is too real for it”.

“This is my Last personal tweet Ever. I Imma just leave this app cuz apparently I’m too real for it,” read part of his tweet.

But he could not just bid goodbye to his over 2.9 million followers without a piece of advice especially at this time that it looks like people have a lot of free time due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Everyone please use this COV-19 times to really find out what your true purpose in this world is, train your mind and body to the fullest, get Closer to the Most high n ur Family,” he advised.

Being April 1st, known across the globe as ‘April Fool’s Day’ it was not immediately clear whether Burna Boy was actually leaving Twitter or it was part of ‘fooling’ his followers.

However, a majority of the users are already convinced that the singer was serious about the decision.

Interestingly, the shocking decision came barely hours after Burna Boy held a live question and answer session with his followers on Twitter where he answered their questions.

The session was explosive to some extent, and perhaps that triggered the decision.

Just before announcing an exit from Twitter, Burna Boy had tweeted; “If what Nigerian twitter said about me had any effect on me then I would be Dead by now. There’s even a Yoruba saying that translates “He who says the truth won’t even find a mat to sleep on”. Well Ive proved that to be WRONG. You Can’t take nothing from Me.”

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If it is true that the singer is quitting Twitter, then he will, most likely, be handing over the account to his management that will be mandated to tweet, retweet or reply to any tweets and DMs from followers.

Whether or not Burna Boy will no longer be personally posting his tweets, it’s a matter of wait and see.

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