Watch Fetty Wap in New Video and Single 'Fresh N Clean'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Rappers are always speaking on the importance of having a real one by your side and Fetty Wap has put that into song with his new single ‘Fresh N Clean’ and the video.

‘Fresh N Clean’ is Fetty Wap talking about his moves in music and holding down his woman the same way she has through that hustle. He is rapping on a sampled beat with a little tweak to put some trap hip-hop into its swag making it a little slower. The chorus of the song is also sampled with Fetty Wap putting on real vocals on it; Fetty Wap actually uses little to no auto-tune on this song. These two aspects of the song are sampled from Outkast’s ‘So Fresh, So Clean’.

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The video is a true representation of what the audio is about. We watch Fetty Wap and his lady in the video eat from a small dining area. We watch her holding it down when Fetty Wap is out hustling. The direction really takes us through them moving from one place to the next and finally to the home of their dreams; Fetty Wap reiterating the moving up with the same woman to the top.

Vibe with Fetty Wap on his ‘Fresh N Clean’ video and stream his album, with the same title on all streaming platforms.

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