Watch Rita Ora in New Video For Her New Single 'How to be Lonely'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Rita Ora is one of those artists who release songs every 6 months but we still like bopping to her music. She has now released her new single dubbed ‘How to be Lonely’ and a video to it. With the title and the worldwide lockdown happening, it almost feels very timely but this is matters of the heart.

‘How to be Lonely’ is Rita Ora taking us through her constant yearning for love but somehow always messing it up once she has it.

The video is a true interpretation of this; Rita Ora takes through the phases. We see her among lovers and the awkwardness that comes with that moment and we see her falling off of that party after she has been shot by cupid. We see her going through the phases of lonely; the paranoia, the self-hating activities, the self-appreciation activities too. Also, who knew aliens existed but Rita Ora?

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We see Rita Ora oscillating through many music genres and with this song, it is no different. The song is a pop, leaning towards rock more than any other genre song. It has the slower with the instrumentation in the verses and busier at the chorus element. It is a bop you want to listen and dance to.

Catch a vibe with Rita Ora on ‘How to be Lonely’ and stay sane while at it.

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