Chris Martin, P!nk, John Legend and more artists give #AtHomeTogether living room concerts

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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The Corona Virus has shut down a lot of things and artists especially who live on gig to gig will be suffering for a couple of months to come. And people who love attending gigs are also at a loss because many concerts have been cancelled.

However, with technology a lot of this is being taken care by artists having living room concerts and live streaming this on their YouTube.

Chris Martin was one of the first artists to do that. The Coldplay front man called it being at home together and entertaining his fans with the concert.

John Legend has pledged to go live today on his YouTube at 1:00pm their time. His wife, Christy Teigen promises to give an appearance in a gown and John will be in a robe.

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With many artists such as Lizzo and Jojo cancelling their tours and appearances, maybe living room sessions are the way to go now. We hope that more artists, also locally will be according us these gigs on their YouTube for as long as we will be on lockdown.

In the meantime though hydrate, sanitize and social distance while we wait for John Legend to go live and we can all attend his concert.

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