Diamond Platnumz points out censorship, regulatory bodies could be stifling Kenya’s music industry

Source: The Sauce

Koroga Festival two-time headliner Diamond Platnumz is one of the most respected artists on the African continent.

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In his most recent visit to Kenya for the Koroga Festival Naivasha Love edition this past weekend, Platnumz had a few words to share on his perception of the Kenyan music industry. As one of the major drivers for the booming Tanzanian music industry, WCB Wasafi CEO highlighted that there are several reasons why Kenya’s music industry growth remains stagnant.

Speaking at the Koroga Festival press conference on 14th February 2020, Simba said that music censorship is a major detractor to the growth of music industry. Diamond pointed out that he too has been a victim of overly strict censorship rules. Moreover, he noted that though it is the role of the government to ensure that local traditions and cultures are preserved, it should not come at the cost of stifling artistic expression and the growth of local industries. He also urged local musicians to work with government officials to ensure the music is up to par, aside from being entertaining.

The Koroga Festival Naivasha Love edition took place at Hell’s Gate park this past weekend. Diamond Platnumz headlined the second day of the event, performing some of his biggest hits. It was Platnumz’s second time performing at the event.


Source: The Sauce

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