Navy Kenzo new jam dubbed 'Why Now'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Navy Kenzo keep blessing us with jams to dance to and we are grateful for that. They gave us their new single ‘Why Now’ to dance to over the weekend.

‘Why Now’ is a fusion of reggaeton and calypso and trust Aika and Nahreel to put down some magic. It is the first song in a minute we hear Nahreel be on mainly; he raps and sings through the verses to the chorus of the song.

The song is about breaks between almost relationships which takes a lot of emotion to express. Nahreel takes the injured party role and uses just enough vocal effort to express the emotion needed for the song and the beat. Aika on the other hand is the ghost party in the song and she comes through powerfully even vocally to express this in every way. It is a beautifully executed song this one.

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The video is a lot of chilling and retro colours in blue and yellow hues to bring a retro-boho vibe to the whole shoot. It is a lot of Nahreel walking around in lonely motions through the video. They really found the perfect video for the mood of the song.

Catch a vibe with Navy kenzo on ‘Why Now’.

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