Rekles ft Nameless Major Collabo ‘Nitabuy Ninadoh’ Coming Up

Nameless and Rekles. Photo/Instagram


By Kinyua Mwangi

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A new landscape in Kenya’s music industry is forming with a major collaboration between Nameless and Gengetone artist Rekles.

The upcoming collabo ‘Nitabuy Ninadoh’ is a sharp contrast between a millennial and a Generation Z artist.  Nameless being a trailblazer in Kenya’s music industry laces his songs with an upbeat beat style and witty themes that blend well with Gengetone.

The ‘Coming Home’ singer combines aspects of several genres to produce a distinctive sound in his music. His songs are catchy and relatable due to the soulful vocals and silky melodies added by the R&B elements that he incorporates.

On the other hand, Rekles who is a former member of Ethic Entertainment oozes modern vibes and unmatched energy.

Gengetone is renowned for its upbeat, frequently throbbing beats that keep the listener moving and Rekles has a stellar record in this.

‘‘Nitabuy Ninadoh’ is likely to present musical diversity in production and delivery from two distinct musical backgrounds.

With Rekles, expect hard shembeteng lyrics which is so very much appealing to the younger audience. Nameless and his diplomacy in words and language captures millennials unapologetically.

Expect catchy hooks, great energy throughout the song and some lessons on the newest slang words in town courtesy of Rekles.

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