Mlindo the Vocalist drops 'Emakhaya' video

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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South Africans have many different native languages and each of these languages make love sound beautiful. That is definitely the beauty of South African love songs and Mlindo the Vocalist is showing this off in his new song, Emakhaya.

The Sony music signed artist uses this song to showcase his vocal prowess so so beautifully. Mlindo sings to his sweetheart with a very nice, strong and rounded voices that is laced with some rough edges. This makes him so easy to the ear and even when he hits different notes, it carries a rough melody that is one of the most beautiful productions to ever exist. There exists different points through the song where the beat breaks and Mlindo really carries the song with the emotion in his voice.

In Emakhaya, Mlindo speaks on a love greater than any hurdles life has to throw into the mix. He uses simple visuals rich in colour and clarity. He takes advantage of natural lighting and nature to prop up the Emalakhaya video.

Catch a vibe with the amazing Mlindo the Vocalist on this new jam, Emalakhaya.

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