Sho Madjozi releases visuals for song Kona

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by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Sho Madjozi has been having the best year yet of her career. This has been her being very authentic with her sound, style and representing her people through language, clothes and dancing. Sho Madjozi is now celebrating this win with her forever bubbly spirit with new song visuals, ‘Kona’.

The audio has been around for about 12 months but the video could not be more timely. Sho takes us back to her village, Limpopo in the video. There, she is manifesting her entry into Hollywood with her Xibelani wool. The video is a lot of colour from the clothes and all the other props used in it.

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Sho ran an audition for xibelani women dancers to be featured in this video one month ago. The women showed out and the video looks very magical. A bit of the scenes are shot in Los Angeles. It is a lot of dancing all through the video which is fun and magical.

This is the most exciting thing to watch today will definitely be Sho Madjozi’s Kona.

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