The meaning of ‘Astalavista’ as used by Medikal and Wendy Shay in their new songs

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In September 2019, Ghanaian female musician Wendy Shay dropped a song titled ‘Astalavista‘.

The song is one of her hit songs of the year.

Fast forward in December 2019, Best Ghanaian Rapper of the year, Medikal also dropped a song titled ‘Astalavista‘ featuring Omar Sterling of R2Bees fame.

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Well, a lot of music lovers are seeking to know the meaning of the word. And Celebrities Buzz has done a little research to help you with that.

Meaning of Astalavista.

Astalavista is a Spanish word actually which is actually written as ‘Hasta La Vista‘. The term became popular after it was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie.

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The term “Hasta la vista” is a Spanish farewell that can be literally translated as “Until the (next) sighting” and means “See you later” and “Goodbye”.

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