Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay

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Wendy Addo, known by the mononym Wendy Shay, is a Ghanaian Afropop and Afrobeats singer.
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Wendy Shay is indisputably the fiercest Ghanaian singer in the 21st century. She speaks her mind in a nearly disapproving manner but her songs always hit a nerve. In the end, she serves a lesson because she is a believer that music should serve another purpose other than entertainment.

Born Wendy Asiamah Addo on 20th February 1996, she spent a part of her early life in Accra until her father’s death when she was only four years old. She was at the time a student at St Martin de Porres. Together with her three other siblings, they relocated to Germany when she was 14 years old. Her father’s death left an indelible mark in her heart and it’s only music that could fill it.

In Stuttgart, Germany, Wendy Shay enrolled at Bernhausen music school for four and a half years as a result of a force to learn more about this craft. Her school and church events made her sing more and she loved it. So, she thought pursuing her passion with knowledge of what music entails would be a great step in life. However, given the fast-paced life in Europe, she went back to school to pursue nursing and majored in midwifery. This was what kept her surviving in Germany for years until the day she decided to return to her Accra home and give music a shot.

Surprisingly, Wendy Shay left Germany for Ghana with only 50 Euros. All she wanted was to follow her life’s passion which was singing. By a streak of luck, the stars aligned in her favour in 2018 through Bullet, CEO Ruff Town Records. But it was controversial. Without a doubt, her entry into the Ghanaian music industry rubbed many artists and fans the wrong way.

While the country was still reeling over the untimely passing of the adored singer Ebony Reigns, Wendy Shay was one of the two singers that were presented during the 2018 VGMA Awards ceremony by Bullet. Many people thought the management's action was inconsiderate. However, she was so determined to make it that she rewrote her biography with a new release ‘Uber Driver’ two months after Bullet announced her signing.

This song took over the charts and airwaves pretty first that Wendy Shay recorded her first album ‘Shay on You’ five months after her debut single. The Afropop and Afrobeats singer gave her fans a taste of her talent and they loved it to bits. The support and criticism she got pushed her into making more music in the next three years. In June 2021, she released her sophomore album ‘Shayning Star’. With every release, her lyrics set off a fierce fire of controversy but Wendy Shay certainly thrives in such chaos in the industry. One of her first releases of 2022 ‘Survivor’ tells it all in a heartbeat but this never cows her.

Despite the negative energy that comes with her career, the ‘All For You’ hitmaker attributes her success to God. Her hard work and determination coupled with support from her label RuffTown Records also count a lot for her success. Bullet and his team stood with her in everything, especially the negative energy surrounding how she joined the music industry. She feels that people expected a lot after the loss of Ebony and she became a villain by default. All she cares about is solidifying her status as the biggest female artist in Ghana, make better music and more money to take care of her loved ones.

The German-trained nurse-cum-singer also has a soft spot for women. She is all out in setting an example for them through her music because she can’t find a lot of women like her which is disheartening. That’s why she collaborates with Nigerian artists like Yemi Alade to propel herself as Ghana’s biggest female act. She believes that such collaborations speak tons and help in her quest to make better music.

Wendy Shay Popular Songs

1. Heat
2. Survivor
3. Birthday Song
4. Haters In Tears
5. Break My Waist
6. All For You
7. Haters in Tears
8. Kut It
9. Masakra
10. Psalm 35

Wendy Shay Albums & EP

1. Shay On You
2. Shayning Star
3. Enigma

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