Simi new release 'Selense' (Audio)

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Simi with her signature folk-fused contemporary style of music has gifted us a new song ‘Selense’ and the video is as amazing. It is a great song on a fun beat and an even more fun video.

Selense is really a song about taking opportunities and Simi speaks on procrastination and really doing better by ourselves. Simi with her pitchy-unique and beautiful voice lays it down on the beat with the lyrics and flow very beautifully and skillfully.

The video follows through with the lyrics drawing inspiration from Classic African Highlife. The Adasa Cookey directed video married old times and new times through the props, clothes and the colours in the video. It must have been to visualize how time moves fast, as per the lyrics.

Get your week going on vibing with Simi and friends on ‘Selense’.

Download Simi's music for free here

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