Buju Banton Releases New Song 'Trust'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Old school Red Rat and friends is back all thanks to Buju Banton for the drop over the weekend. Buju did well by his fans over the weekend and dropped a new song ‘Trust’ and I bet you we are a happy lot.

Buju switches up on us real good from his tone and choice of instrumentation. Buju always keeps his rough tone on for his music and on this track he almost down-plays it and it is not as apparent. Buju also in most cases for those loud and all over your face beats but on the track, he down-plays that too, with a beat has us waiting for the drop but it doesn’t happen but we will still dance.

Buju Banton keeps a tight flow through the song. It is a stand against social media and the different things about what social media really is about, lying on people through video, words, photos and stories. Buju is coming through very raw and open about life as he has probably found it after prison, this being one of his very new songs since.

It will be exciting to hope that he releases the visuals to the song and when he does, I bet we will all lose it on how amazing they will be. In the meantime though, ‘Trust’ no one but Buju for good music.

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