BET Hip Hop Awards 2019 Cypher

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Anyone who loves hiphop will have you know that cyphers are the best measure of who is really hot and is just aight. Rappers go at it with and against each other through cyphers because of what a cypher really is. Cypher incorporates the ability of a rapper to freestyle, to flow, to brag and speak on his position as a rapper and to spit bars upon bars.

The BET Hiphop Awards went down 2019 and in the spirit of where hiphop all started, in collaboration with Sprite, BET got a couple of rappers together for a cypher. In the cypher, we experience the greatness of that is Kash Doll who goes in and hard with her set. IDK walks in calm and collected ready to slay a couple of people with his flow. Travis Thompson is the white kid you invite to the family cookout because yoow!!! he has bars for days. King Los then steps in and looses himself completely to the beat. Iman Shumpert is out here reminding us why we should stop sleeping on him.

There is switch of flow, shady and clean bars, braggadocio and everything there is to be found in a cypher and it is hard to settle on who went in harder than the others.

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