STARBOY Fresh Friday; Wizkid Drops 'Ghetto Love'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

The Starboy has gifted us some new new for our Friday to usher us into the weekend. Wizkid has dropped his new jam ‘Ghetto Love’ together with its visuals.

Ghetto love brings the marriage between a past and a present; a boy who is seemingly a younger Wiz and the Wizkid that we all know now. The younger Wiz is a lover of music with his headphones on all the time and his geographical setting is the ghetto. Wiz takes us into a journey of where it all started to the starboy that he is now. In one of the shots is a set that has millions of stars lit with his silhouette in the frame to just reaffirm his position as the starboy. The song ends with him stepping into a moment where all this has led to, the stage with people chanting to his name.

The audio has many traditional instruments over which the apparent beat is laid. There are traditional drums, the shekere and trumpets; this is very telling of Fela Kuti’s influence on Wizkid’s music. As is with most Wiz songs, this one is such a flowy and almost chill but danceable tune and with his choice of lyrics and tone, he is just here to disrupt with this tune.

Catch a vibe with Wizkid to start your weekend.

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