The Kansoul Get with Vivian to Pump Gas on 'Accelerator'

By Ian Jacob

Revellers are you ready? The Kansoul just recently dropped a new banger “Accelerator” to set the party scene ablaze. The tune is infectiously catchy, a quality the trio effortlessly execute on the Redrepublic produced track. 

Kansoul tag teams with an unexpected collab, a singing Vivian graces the song with her beautiful vocals. Vivian is the first female and singing artist to ever work with the trio. Vivian is the driving force to the song. Her singing doesn’t undermine the party mood song but boosts and controls the songs build up . 

She plays the role of the “Accelerator and Deccelarator ”. Her intro into the song allows easier beat change as the track goes from slow to fast . She has a second verse to conclude the song to an exemplary finale with another beat change but now from fast to slow. The song is fun filled and full of lyrical wordplay with the ever so present Kansoul party vibe. The Kansoul never ceases to impress.

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