CHARTS: Kamba Ben's 'Kativui 4 Latest' Rise into The Charts

The #MdundoTop10Weekly this week has quite subtle changes but one massive inevitable one. Kenya’s super Kamba sensation Ben Mbatha, jets into the charts with his ‘Kativui 4 Latest’. Settling in at position 7 to completely displace  Nyashinki’s ‘Marathon Runner’ that now hangs by at position 10. 

Last week was marked by social media buzz around Pastor Ng’anga’s ‘Sindano’ that takes up a signature lead guitar style. This we think, could serve part of the sensation around most music fans searching for Kamba music with similar sound. ‘Kativui 4 Latest’ released late in 2018 must be the closest most fanned out jam from the Eastern side of Kenya. 

The Ethic effect is also strongly lurking with their ‘Saba’ now jumping up to number 6 from last week’s hopeless position 10. Ethic continues to maintain 4 positions in the top 10 followed by Willy Paul holding two. 

‘Washa’ by Barnaba also takes a deep dive tying in with ‘Iokote’ by Maua Sama at position 8 and 9 respectively. ‘Atekwe’ by Timmy Tdat featuring Redsan bids Top 10 farewell. 

It only gets better and hotter on the charts every week. Keep looking out. 

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This week on Mdundo Top 10 Weekly:

  1. Fyeka - Ethic
  2. Pandana - Ethic
  3. Hallelujah - Willy Paul Ft. Nandy
  4. Mmmh - Willy Paul ft Rayvanny
  5. Instagram - Ethic
  6. Saba - Ethic
  7. Kativui 4 Latest - Ben Mbatha
  8. Washa - Barnaba
  9. Iokote - Maua Sama Ft. Hanstone
  10. Marathon Runner - Nyashinski

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