Kenyan Multi – talented Rapper Muthoni Drummer Queen Speaks To African Voices

On this week’s episode of African Voices, CNN International meets a multi-talented rapper from Kenya who is making a comeback at a festival she created ten years ago. Through Blankets & Wine concerts, Muthoni Drummer Queen (MDQ) hopes to continue to give a platform to both upcoming and established musicians in Kenya and East Africa.

MDQ explains how growing up in Nairobi taught her how to continue to try until she succeeded, she explains: “I think coming from Nairobi, the thing that is ingrained in everyone in this city is hustling, right, and just figuring things out… Nairobi is not very kind, you are just not going to get things, you’re really gonna need to figure it out… So, I have always sang, I sang…my earliest memories were of just me occupying the toilet for hour on end and belting out tunes and really being in a studio environment and performing concerts for the trees outside… Just hustle and figure it out.”

During the programme, MDQ speaks about the artists who inspired her:...Read More on Kenyan Musik.

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