UGANDA: Ronald Maro to Fly In Three International Stars for His Concert

The Ugandan RNB Kyabazinga Ronald Maro is set to stage his 2017 concert on 23rd September at Jinja Damz and with less than a month left, he has revealed a list of the three top international musicians he is to fly in for the “Nzira Nago” concert.

According to the exclusive information we have got from Maro‘s camp, we have been alerted that the “Kyokoba” hit maker willl be flying in Nairobi,Kenya’s very own called Naiboi and Proff for a concert that will be charged a fee of UGx 10k and UGX 30K VIP.

Unlike other concerts that are normally organized in the center of Kampala, Maro has on the other hand opted to take his concert all the way to Jinja at a place called Dam Waters located just Opposite Laftaz in Jinja.

This concert is also part of the charity Drive that Maro has been running for the past few couple of months while traveling to different parts of the country conducting charity for different causes and part of the proceedings are expected to be given in for Karamoja where Maro still held a successful show earlier on last month.


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