UGANDA: Maro In Mega Project To Raise Awareness About Problems Of The Girl Child

Musician Ronald Maro is working on a mega project to raise awareness about problems of the girl child, we have learnt.

The self proclaimed R’n’B Kyabazinga has teamed up with Plan International, a global organisation that promotes the safeguarding of children, to shine a spotlight on the problems facing the girl child such as early child marriages, gender inequality, and general child abuse among others.

Through his Volume Up Records, the singer is reproducing songs of the winners in the NIYETU program, a youth-led social empowerment program championed by Plan International, where youths were tasked to compose songs that sensitize and address the problems of the girl child. Four winners were selected and these got a chance to work with Maro’s producer Zuli Tums. The songs were recorded in different languages including Luganda, Lusoga, Luo and Japadhola.

Meanwhile, Maro will hold a charity concert in Moroto in August, and later hold his main concert dubbed “Nzira’Nago” this September in Jinja. The Karamoja charity concert will be held on August 12 while the Nzira’Nago concert is slated for September 23 at the Jinja Dam waters rugby grounds.


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