NEW MUSIC (KENYA): Dela and Locko From Cameroon Collabo On A New Jam ‘Me & U’

She is one of the top vocalists in the 254, and joined us at the Kiss FM studios along another big African act , a powerhouse from Cameroon, this Thursday, 20th July.

Singer Dela and Locko were in studio to drop their brand new song exclusively on Kiss FM.

Adelle: Team Adelle need to know where you’re repping.

Locko: I’m reping Cameroon, and everyone is so kind and gentle.

A;delle: When you came to Kenya did you have any intention to work  with Kenyan artistes? Or this is one of those things that just came and..let’s do it.

Locko: To be sincere it was just one of the things that came and we were like let’s do it. its not like i was aiming i must do a collabo, but you now we love music so anytime you get in touch with an artiste who inspires you , you just do it.

Adelle: So Dela how was it working with Locko?

Dela: Locko is a dream to work with he’s amazingly talented amazing voice. It was amazing chemistry in studio, we had a good time and I think its going to show through the record.i want to thank Locko for the challenge, coz when your working with the best you wanna do your best.

Adelle: When you guys did the track, what were you thinking? Locko, your journey in music how long has it been?

Locko: Uhmm..I think it has been like three years.


Adelle: Three years, okay. At any one time, and this goes to both of you, have you ever felt like maybe I should quit? Maybe I’ve had writers block?

Dela: Of course, I’ve quit like 20 times, it gets frustrating and gets frustrating sometimes, but you know this music it called us, for me its like my first love, this is what I wanna do, I can’t give it up.

Locko: I would say I think of dropping everything, every morning, it keeps you busy you miss those moments with loved ones, but you know it’s all about passion.

Dela: Music as a career is misunderstood by parents, it’s usually seen as a hobby something you sing at a wedding. It’s not seen as a career, but once you start doing it, and they see returns you prove them wrong.

Locko: i went through a period where my parents were not talking to me, but along the way my mom became my number one manager, Our parents are worried if one can make a career out of it. But once they see its working out they become their number one supporter.

Adelle: People want to know about live performance, Dela do you have any?

Dela: I’m still on tour, I’m in Kakamega Friday at Muliro gardens and after that I have a few more shows. I have to go to every corner of Kenya my friend.

Adelle:  Locko, do you see yourself coming back to perform in Kenya doing more collabo’s with Kenyan artistes?

Locko: Definitely what I love most about this career is that...

Dela and I are pretty much good friends now, and she is already a good reason for me to come back.

Are you ready to hear their brand new song? Listen to the link below.

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