Iyo (Nigeria) says Tanzanian Music is Growing Fast, Praises Diamond (Video)

After working with Diamond Platnumz, Blessing Iyoghama Osazuwa a.k.a Iyo has opened up about how she thinks Diamond Platnumz should be regarded as far as African music is concerned.

In an exclusive interview with Bongo5, the beautiful and soft-spoken Nigerian singer talked about Tanzanian music , how she came to know about Diamond Platnumz amongst other issues of great interest.

“Tanzanian music is growing really fast. I don’t think if you guys understand how fast, you know Tanzanian music is actually growing because you know, I think six years ago or five years ago…that’s too far actually four years ago, I did not know any Tanzanian song to be honest with you,” she said.

“I didn’t even know Diamond 4 years ago. I think Diamond was introduced to me in Australia by a Kenyan lady. She is like ‘huh have you heard of this guy Diamond Platnumz? Like you know he is very fantastic, he has a very broad smile, he is always happy.’ So I was like ‘ooh let me check him’ and I actually checked him out and like woow! He is actually an African, like he is in Tanzania.” said Iyo.

She went on, “I didn’t know much about Tanzania at that time and you know since then, since I discovered Diamond Platnumz you know I have actually found out that your music as you know has grown so far beyond the shores even as far as Australia. You know how far Australia is like 24 hours away, come on like that place is ridiculously far.”

“I think a few years ago there used to be a very big gap, like people only used to talk about Nigerian songs and Nigerian artists you know and staff like that but right now to be honest with you, when you want to count like the top 3 biggest artists in Africa there is no way personally you wouldn’t mention Diamond Platnumz. Yeah so that’s my personal opinion. Diamond is actually that big.”

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Source: bongo5.com

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