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What is the meaning of Ohangla music?

This is a style of music that originates from Kenya. It's hip and cool, and it's something you need to listen to if you like music with a lot of beats. The songs are usually about love and relationships but also about other things like politics or social issues. The instruments in this afro sound include drums, finger cymbals, and keyboards, which play an important role in making the song sound better than just using an acoustic guitar or bass guitar alone!

What is the Kenyan Origin of the Music?

Some studies trace Ohangla's origins to the slender canonical drum whose membrane is made from the dried skin of the monitor lizard. According to an informant and a veteran luo musician from Ugenya, Joseph Oloo, he argues, the name was first used in the 1940s to refer to an emerging dance style which was vigorous but lacked dignity or propriety because it was marked by explicit connotation in its content or lyrics and dance movements. Hence the elders spoke thus about its style: “Ma en miel ma ohangoremanade?” (What a weird and exaggerated dance!). The idea implied here was that the dance was too explicit in both content and movements.

Further, this is a type of traditional music in the Luo community. It was used as part of Tero Buru to celebrate both weddings and funerals. Originally this tribal music was a Luo ritualistic music played at funerals and ceremonies.

As the old Dholuo proverb goes, "Ohangla ok budhgo miaha," which translates to ohangla should never be used to entertain a woman or a bride. But the Luo sayers who coined this proverb must be turning in their graves right now. Today, this music is commonly used for entertainment, such as at weddings and political rallies. It was traditionally played at funerals, beer parties, and during Yawo rut (a celebration to mark the birth of twins). Without this traditional music, no Luo worth his salt would attend an in-law's funeral.

A cylindrical shoulder-slung drum is played to the accompaniment of flute, Nyatiti, or Kinanda, and more than 8 drums are hammered with a stick.

From the initial aspirations, which were primarily socio-cultural in nature, they have been overtaken by emerging social-economic trends and needs.

How did this Music Transform over years?

Generational shifts and new economic trends have had an impact on both the instrumental form and manner of performance. The older and well-known Ohangla artists such as Jack Nyadundo, Tony Nyadundo, Osogo Winyo, and Onyi Papa Jey established themselves in the music industry with numerous musical compositions and styles that set the standard for this genre.

Earlier and much older artists primarily performed in social settings for entertainment, with little or no monetary profit to speak of.

However, many new artists have risen to popularity, gaining a competitive edge over the older artists, driven by the need to meet the emerging needs of contemporary listenership and monetary motivations.

With the passage of time, the music evolved, with newcomers to the scene such as Prince Indah, Freddy Jakadongo, and Elisha Toto, among others, having to keep the tradition alive while incorporating new-age vibes.

The Ohangla music artists have since infiltrated Kenya's contemporary music scene and are widely praised for their excellent work.

It really is a unique style of music, and if you want to listen to something different then it might be worth checking out. It's fun, energetic, and full of amazing beats that will make your feet want to move.

Who are the favourite artists in the genre?

1. Musa Juma - Siaya Kababa
2. Musa Jakadala - Ngima Emaduong
3. Freddy Jakadongo - Timbe Hera
4. Elisha Toto - Paroga Nyasuba
5. Dola Kabary - Adundo Mum
6. Emma Jalamo - Amilo
7. Prince Indah - Girwa Ni
8. Lady Maurine(Late) - Alemo
9. Ondongo Swagg - Chwad Gi Nyundo
10. Abenny Jachiga (Late)- Kasinde
11. Wuod Fibi - Ng'malayi Oloyi
12. Makadem - Nya Nairobi
13. Osogo Winyo -Nyar Maasai
14. Jack Nyadundo - Sarah Nyar Nyakach
15. Aloka - Kanungo Eteko
16. Javan MacAjudo - Adong Kenda
17. Johny Junior - Nyoremo

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