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Legendary Coast-based hip-hop artist Ralph Sandal Masai, famously known as Cannibal as well as going by Shettah, has (more)
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Who is Cannibal?
Ralph Sandal Masai, popularly known as Cannibal, is a Kenyan Hip-Hop artist. The rapper hails from the coastal region of the country where he was born and raised. The music star discovered his passion for music at a very early age while still in primary school. He reportedly released his first song while in class seven.

Cannibal ventured into music in the 1990s when the Kenyan music industry was taking shape. He played a major role in laying the foundation of the industry and is regarded as one of the artists who paved the way for the new generation of music. He was popular for doing a number of music genres but was widely identified by Hip-Hop.

Cannibal got his breakthrough in music after he won the Kisima award. He scooped the prestigious award while still a youngster on the music scene. The achievement played a major role in officially introducing him to the industry. It also helped in popularising his brand as an artist. The victory attracted the attention of various stakeholders who expressed interest in working with him.

The rapper faced a slight setback from his parents who did not warmly welcome the idea of their son joining the music industry. Their fear was based on the belief that music at the time attracted illegal activities. This proved to be a challenge for him and therefore he had to work extra hard to prove to his parents that indeed his dream was worth pursuing. As time went by, Cannibal gradually rose to stardom and started cashing from his talent. The success he attracted convinced his parents to grant him their blessings.

The Hip-Hop star’s popularity attracted other artists who expressed interest in collaborating with him. Among the top artists that he met was Sharama. The two enjoyed good chemistry in music and consequently came together to form a band. The duo rose to become one of the most sort-after music groups on the Kenyan entertainment scene at the time. They worked with other established artists and bands such as the Mau Mau and Ukoo Flani.

Unfortunately for Cannibal, not everyone he met had good intentions for him. The rapper in a past interview narrated how he met a man who reportedly had dark powers. This encounter slightly decelerated his growth in the music industry. Nonetheless, the rapper still continued to grow his brand and rose to become one of the finest rap acts not just in Kenya but across East Africa.

Around 2015, the rapper took a break from music to focus on making his debut in politics. He unsuccessfully vied for the position of the Member of the County Assembly in Mtopanga Ward, Mombasa. The loss saw him get back into music after a while. He was determined to make a comeback despite the break and absence from music.

Later on, the rapper made a transition from secular music and joined the gospel industry. He released a gospel song dubbed ‘Mapenzi’ in 2018. This marked a new beginning for the music star. The rapper praised God in the song for being good to him despite his past. Among the factors that motivated him to join gospel music was the political loss he suffered in 2017.

What are some of his top songs?
Sababu ya Muziki
Bad Man
My Reason
My City My Town

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