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Portable Biography, Net Worth, Career, Wife

Portable, also known as Son Of Shaku Shaku, is a renowned Nigerian artist whose musical prowess has taken the nation by storm. Born Oluwatobiloba Olamide Adenugba on June 21, 1992, in Lagos, Nigeria, he has become a prominent figure in the Afrobeat and street-hop genres. With a unique blend of catchy melodies, infectious dance rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics, Portable has earned a special place in the hearts of music lovers both locally and internationally.


Growing up in Lagos, Portable's early life was marked by a passion for music and a desire to express himself artistically. After completing his primary and secondary education, he pursued a degree in Mass Communication at a notable university. Throughout his academic journey, Portable continued to nurture his love for music, spending his spare time experimenting with beats and crafting his lyrical prowess.

How He Started His Music Career and Achievements:

Portable's journey into the music industry began with humble beginnings. His breakthrough came when he featured in collaborations with prominent Nigerian street-hop artists. His ability to infuse Shaku Shaku dance vibes with his music earned him a growing fan base and caught the attention of record labels.

In 2014, Portable released his debut studio album titled ""Son Of Shaku Shaku,"" which featured a fusion of energetic beats and insightful storytelling. The album garnered significant attention and praise, setting the stage for his future success. Portable's authentic style and relatable themes resonated with listeners, making him a favorite among the younger generation.

With subsequent singles and collaborations, Portable continued to solidify his presence in the Nigerian music scene. His songs addressed social issues, love, and the aspirations of the youth, showcasing his versatility and artistic range. As his popularity soared, he became a sought-after performer at major music events and festivals, sharing stages with some of Nigeria's biggest music stars.

Most Famous Songs:

Portable's discography boasts an array of hit songs that have left an indelible mark on the music landscape. Some of his most famous tracks include ""Say No To Xenophobia,"" a powerful song that addressed the issue of xenophobia in Africa, ""Eko,"" a tribute to the bustling city of Lagos, and ""Omo No Salary,"" an anthem celebrating hardworking individuals striving for success.


Portable has released several well-received extended plays (EPs) and singles. Each project showcases his evolving musicality and ability to connect with diverse audiences.
Net Worth
Portable's net worth is estimated to be around $700,000
Portable's artistic contributions have earned him accolades and recognition in the Nigerian music industry. He has been nominated for and won several awards for his unique style and impact on the street-hop music genre.

Personal Life:

He is married to actress Akinyanju Omobolarinde. They have a child together born in 2023. She admits that she never planned on marrying the street rapper. Nevertheless, Portable's focus has been on his music, constantly striving to push creative boundaries and uplift his community through his art. With his magnetic stage presence and genre-defining sounds, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene, solidifying his status as a trailblazing artist and cultural influencer.