KENYA: Conrad Sewell Vs. Diamond Platnumz Vs. Fally Ipupa Vs. Betty G, Which Taste the Feeling Anthem Really Takes You There?

Coca Cola have gone and done it again! Year after year, the multinational always finds ways to reinvent itself to appeal more to their main demographic, the youth.

One thing about us young people, something that I believe we all share no matter where we come from on this planet we call earth, is that we get bored so easily, but Coca Cola must have cracked the code of always keeping us entertained and the one thing that they always use that seems to work wonders year in year out, is music.

After 7 years of their award winning Open Happiness slogan, Coca Cola has reached out into their sleeves once again and pulled out yet another wondrous treat. This year they’ve come up with yet another colorful and thought invoking slogan Taste the Feeling, and to bring this slogan to life they’ve selected four artists from across the world to sing out the anthem in the some of the most spoke languages across the globe, English, Swahili, French and Amharic.

The anthem produced by the world renown DJ Avicii and selected to bring the anthem to life was Australian up and coming artist Conrad Sewell.

Download English anthem here:

But it wouldn’t be fair to leave out those who did  not speak English especially from this part of the world (Africa) and so Coke selected one of the most decorated artists in Africa, Diamond Platinumz hailed from Tanzania to bring the anthem to life in Swahili.

And let me tell you just like when the talented Dela did the cover of Adele’s hit record Hello in Swahili, this version was also just better. Doesn’t everything just sound much better in Swahili?

Download Swahili anthem here:

Then came in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Fally Ipupa, an artists that has over the years established himself as one of the best Lingala artists by packaging it in a way the youth could understand and get behind it.

He added his swanky-fresh French tongue on this song and let me tell you ladies if this one doesn’t make you taste the feeling, you must be the ice-queen from frozen, “…Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know…” you get where I’m going with this?

Download French anthem here:


And last but not least to complete the circle is the African beauty Betty G from Ethiopia, who brings the anthem to life in the Amharic language, and let me tell you simply don’t understand the diversity that Africa has until you listen to all these anthems as they are translated and brought to life in some of the most spoken languages in Africa, Swahili, French and Amharic.

Download Amharic anthem here:

Now to the final test, which of these anthems do you love the most? And for that there’s only on way to find out, download the anthems for free, give them a listen and let us know.




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