KENYA: New Report Alleges Some Gospel Artists Are Plotting to End Bahati's Career (DETAILS)

Word on the wire is there’s a group out to tarnish the name and image of award-winning Gospel artist Bahati.

According to The Standard’s ‘Monday Blues’, some gospel artists among them three celebrated male singers have allegedly joined forces to bring down the ‘Story Yangu’ singer. They are said to have hatched several heinous plots to tarnish Bahati’s image to a point of no recovery.

The said group has also allegedly partnered with some bloggers and individuals, who have been paid off to record lies that will paint Bahati as a ‘bad boy’.

A source that spoke to the newspaper says that two girls have been approached to record video footage claiming they dated Bahati and even bore his children.

Another plot is aimed at discrediting Bahati’s two-time Groove Awards win, saying he corrupted his way into the wins. They also plan to expose Bahati as a drunkard.

This all comes after it was revealed that Bahati has been away from social media and from all sorts of contact since the Willy Paul scandal came out.

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Could it be that Bahati was onto the plot against him and is taking measure to fight this ‘evil-conglomerate’? And can we really trust what we read about Bahati online anymore.

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