KENYA: Is Bahati Running Away From His Problems?

It was a rough week for Bahati after he allegedly discovered his old time ‘friend’ Willy Paul had leaked their unreleased collaboration online without his knowledge.

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Since the news broke, Bahati has been unheard from on social media and even our countless attempts to reach him on telephone bore no fruit.

But on Friday evening the award winning Gospel artists took even more drastic measures when he completely wiped-off all his Instagram posts and he still remains unheard of on Facebook since January 12.

Bahati boast of over 179K followers on Facebook and 189k followers on Instagram, numbers that have earned him a lucrative deal as Ambassador of one of Kenya’s largest and most profitable Telecommunications Companies in the past.

Other news outlets have quoted sources saying that the singer might be suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Ghafla’s Cabu Gah who incidentally broke the news of the scandal claims that Bahati feels “demoralized after it appears that almost half of the Gospel Industry is hanging up against him in a nasty, calculated move to silence him, sabotage his career, frustrate him and ruin him in finality.”

It should be said that both Bahati and Willy Paul have faced massive criticism from their fellow Gospel musicians over the past week, in regards to their latest scandal.

Artist L Jay Maasai especially took a stern stance saying that both the youngsters should quit Gospel music all together and stop tarnishing the Gospel industry with their endless scandals.

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All this now seems to be weighing on Bahati and may have been the reason for his latest decision to wipeout his digital footprint, though we may never really know for sure.

So the question still remains is Bahati really running away from is problems?

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