FRIDAY DJ MIXES: Into The Minds Of DJ Sadic And DJ Joe Mfalme

You call them DJ's I think they are music benders. In the future the next avatar movie will have it as one of the powers trust me on this one.

Each bender is unique with some possessing more bending prowess than others. You don't think it's a power right? Who else would make you think about your ex, your current, mum, long lost friend, the money you don't have, vodka shots, Caro and Johnny in 3 minutes?

With that in mind, I will let you in on a little trade secret by letting you know what songs are on this Friday's Mdundo mixes. So that the next time a DJ evokes a particular emotion in you, at least you will have the knowledge of what formulae he used:

Sadic Friday mix:

Foundation – Daddy Owen
Chini ya Maji – MOG
All About You – Cliché
Didimia – Kelele Takatifu
Pakacha – DK Kwenye Beat
Kwata Kawaya - Mbuvi
Tapala – L Jay Maasai

Joe Mfalme Friday Mix

H_Art The Band - Nikikutazama.
H_Art The and - Uliza Kiatu.
Hamnitishi - E-Sir Feat Talia.

Download DJ JOE MFALME - Friday Mix ft H_art The Band, E-Sir

Download DJ SADIC - Friday Mix ft Daddy Owen, Cliche, MOG, Kelele Takatifu, DK Kwenye Beat, Mbuvi, L Jay Maasai

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