Kenya’s Gabu of P Unit fame has released a brand new track titled ‘BE NICE’ that features Zambia’s acclaimed musical artiste Roberto. ‘BE NICE’ is an afro fusion song themed on an intriguing story that seeks to depict the true meaning of love without borders.
Music collaborations have become quite common in Africa and in the recent past our very own home grown artistes have partnered with several artistes from East and West Africa. Africa’s musical talent however spans across the continent and Gabu who has stepped out in the past year to show his versatility as a musical artiste by undertaking a number of solo projects during P Units one-year hiatus from the musical scene – wanted to do things a little differently.
On the back of releasing his third single ‘WABE’ in 2016, Gabu reached out to Roberto with the intent to interest him to work together on an upcoming project. Roberto obliged instantly and shortly Gabu travelled to Zambia and together they begun to work on ‘BE NICE’ which has been released to radio stations worldwide today.
“Working with Roberto is one of my highlights of 2016, he has amazing talent, a good heart and like me is extremely passionate about music. We hit it off the moment we met and believe it or not four hours in the studio together we had a track and lyrics to match all set.” says Gabu. Roberto similarly opines that working with Gabu was not only a great musical experience for him but one that has led to a formidable friendship that has also given him an opportunity to polish his Swahili and learn a little “genge”.
The setting together of ‘BE NICE’ also brought together some of Africa’s finest producers - Tsean from Zambia and Eric Musyoka - Decimal Records from Kenya who teamed up to produce the track.
Both artistes featured in the song are well renowned for their success in cross over music and with this new collaboration are seeking to merge the Sub Saharan boundaries into one through music. “Music is borderless – a universal language for mankind* - and just being able to bring sound to life that has the power to entertain people across our physical borders is the priceless gift that keeps me going in my musical journey,” concludes Gabu.
Gabu and Roberto are set to shoot the video for BE NICE mid-October at an exclusive location in Kenya that will be followed by a number of appearances/performances both in East and Southern Africa.

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