#MondayBlues Playlist

Since we need songs to help us kick start the week and take away the Monday blues, here is a list of some of my energy driving songs which I'm sure most of you will love.

They are in no particular order.

#10. Adisia - Rabbit (Kaka Sungura) http://mdundo.com/dl/770

#9. Holiday Remix - Hopekid http://mdundo.com/dl/7709

#8. We Be Happening Khaligraph Jones feat. Kristoff http://mdundo.com/dl/1581

#7. Ivo Ivo - Octopizzo http://mdundo.com/dl/125

#6. Hivo ndio Kunaendanga - Majirani feat. Kenrazy http://mdundo.com/dl/3797

#5. Dumbala Remix - Jay A feat. Sage, Kenrazy, Visita, Madtraxx & DNA http://mdundo.com/dl/7533

#4. Mateke - Size 8 http://mdundo.com/dl/8561

#3. You guy - P-Unit http://mdundo.com/dl/3025

#2. Inakam - Kaytrixx The Entertainer feat. Kristoff http://mdundo.com/dl/8544

#1. Bless My Family - Eko Dydda http://mdundo.com/dl/9029

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