KENYA: Why the Gospel Industry Should Still Be Proud of Willy Paul Inspite of Everything After His Song 'Take it Slow' Made it on American Radio

Over the past few months it seems like gospel artist Willy Paul and his compatriot Bahati have become enemy number one in the gospel industry.

Having some of their songs not played in popular gospel shows and furthermore being left out of the just recently concluded Groove Awards, the two youngsters seem to have been completely isolated.

Why? Well many believe it is because of their constant on and off beefs and scandals to which the industry seems as unnecessary side shows.

However one thing remains true, while the youngsters do seem to be scandal-magnets and many have doubted their Christianity, one thing is for sure that there’s no doubting their talent.

And just to prove this, Willy Paul recently posted a video on social media showing an American radio station playing his recent release ‘Take it Slow’ featuring Sauti Sol.

Rumor had it that some TV DJs and presenters were against playing the video in some of their stations, so you can see why this could be a big win for him.

“God is good, take it slow ft @sautisol now playing on American radio stations…I'm humbled... Sky is not the limit for me!!” he captioned the video.

The video was taken when Paul was traveling in the US city of Houston. And going by the video the song was playing on ‘KPFT 90.1FM Houston Pacifica Radio’.

Also going by the praise you can hear the presenter in the video giving Willy Paul it's safe to say that despite the scandals and all the youngster is clearly representing Kenya well out there.


God is good, take it slow ft @sautisol now playing on American radio stations.. I'm humbled... Sky is not the limit for me!!

A video posted by M.U.S.I.C.M.A.N (@willypaulmsafi) on

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