Labalaa goes hardcore on his new track 'Invest Kwa Carpenter'

Labalaa who is one of the pioneer Hip hop artists in the country with ‘Ukoo Flani’ affiliated group Wakamba wawili has a new song out titled “Invest Kwa Carpenter”

As expected from the rapper, the song is a hardcore Hip hop track and will mostly be affiliated to any die hard Hip hop lover; according to the artist ,the song is a reply to fans who had started questioning Labalaa’s lyrical ability after his collabo’s with a number of upcoming artists,

“People started talking saying that I was going commercial after I did a number of collabo’s with a number of upcoming artists, this is just to show them that Labalaa is still a real rapper and representing the game,” he shared with Mdundo.

The talented rapper also outlined his capabilities as a musician and said that he can do any song as long as it will have a positive impact to the society.

“My creativeness as an artist allows me to do any type of music, not just hard core hip hop alone, I have a huge fan base in the country and I have to continue feeding them with conscious music,” he added

Labalaa is set to release an album in the course of the year promising that his upcoming Hip hop show on TV will be a platform for all Hip hop artist whether new school or old school to showcase their talents.

Download the track through the link below.

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