From Rags to Riches, How Starring in a Coca-Cola Ad Kick Started Hollywood Superstar Tyrese Gibson’s Career #TasteTheFeelingKE

To many fans across the world the name Tyrese Gibson is right up there with the biggest stars in the world and to many artists his name is a source of envy.

Being both an RnB and movie star in the famous ‘Fast and Furious’ series, he is what some may call a true artist mastering both the art of music and acting.

But despite his fame and fortune, some of you may not know how his story first begun. His journey is a one of fortitude and at the risk of sounding cliché ‘never giving up’.

It was back in 1995 as a young man that Tyrese first got his big break and none the less through a Coca Cola commercial.

“If it wasn’t for Coca-Cola, no one in the world would know me,” he said during a recent phone interview.

He starred in a famous Coca-Cola commercial that showcased both his singing and acting abilities, he crooned the “Always Coca-Cola” theme song as he captured the hearts of fans across America. It was Tyrese’s first big break.

Since then, he has developed into a world-renowned R&B singer and movie star that we know him to be today.

And although 20 years have passed, he never forgot his roots with Coca-Cola. Still, he points to his first commercial as one of the most pivotal moments of his career.

“Everywhere I go, everything I do,” he said. “Everybody knows me from that Coca-Cola commercial.”

And though it may seem it was an easy road from the start for Tyrese Gibson, earning a spot in the ad was far from a sure thing.

With no money to get to the audition, he had to wait for his music teacher to get off work and give him a ride something that could possibly cost him his chance.

Tyrese arrived to the audition over two hours late and had to convince the woman in charge to unpack her equipment and give him a chance. The rest as they say is history.

And just like for Tyrese Gibson, it’s the chances that we miss or take that define our futures but just like he did we must never stop fighting because you never know when it is your chance to finally ‘Taste the Feeling’. So go out there and seize your opportunities.



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