KENYA: Gospel Artists DK Kwenye Beat, Hopekid, Teddy B and Others Escape Death's Cold Grip in Embu Road Accident

The year 2016 it seems has not been kind to our artists and entertainers with many of them escaping death’s cold grip by a whisker while others not so lucky.

As for gospel artist DK Kwenye Beat and his companions, Hopekid, producer Teddy B, Chris Parsley and Exodus, they will be thanking their lucky stars after they emerged from a road accident in Embu unscathed.

Though details of the incident are scanty, according to a social media post by Ugandan artist Exodus, they were all heading to Embu on a ministering mission in DK’s Mercedes Benz car and along the way were involved in a road accident that almost claimed the lives of two mothers and three children.

“Following a week of great media success and the #happy premier, the enemy tries us on our way to ministry in EMBU where over #fivethousand high school students were waiting!!! we had a bad accident that almost claimed [Two mothers and three children] including myself @dkkwenyebeat @hopekidhk @teddybproducer @motta_afica @generaleversetile @chris_parsley But when the called are [Chosen] Psalms: 91 is paramount. We want to thank the Almighty God that brought us through it all with no harm at all but a messed car and every single person that prayed for us on this Journey,” he narrated.

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