UGANDA: Coco Finger And Former Manager Emma Calos finally see eye to eye!

Following a really bitter fall out between Emma Carlos and Coco Finger  in 2012 , the two made up and called a truce over the weekend at the Panamera Save Carol car wash

Emma Carlos who was Coco Finger’s manager four years ago came eye to eye with him and the two shared a light moment, but this was all possible because of Khalifa of the ''Oyitangayo'' fame who is now managed by Emma calos and was the main reason why the two took seperate ways, brought them back together and ended the fued.

Singers Kalifah Aganaga and Coco Finger also as a result, have not been seeing eye to eye because of this bad blood between them but once  they shook hands, washed each others’ shoes and went cordial, everything else was bliss.

Coco Finger will also attend Aganagas forthcoming concert at La’Bonita as sign of a squashed beef.

This is very good news for the industry. Two artistes who have been hating on each other for no reason get together and share laughter over a car wash to save a young lady with cancer.

Sounds like a Telemundo, right? But nah, it’s not. It actually happened. Now, that is what we need to grow our music, not stupid bickering

Watch this space.

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