KENYA: Willy Paul Reveals He Was Threatened Not to Release His Song With Sauti Sol

Well I know we’ve got our share of crazy allegations and stories from Willy Paul before, but this one is right up there with the best of them.

Yesterday, the young controversial gospel artist took to social media to reveal that he’d been threatened not to release his long awaited collaboration with Sauti Sol by people he does not name.

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According to Willy Paul, he was meant to release the song on Wednesday last week, until he was warned that his reputation would be at stake were he to release the song.

“Sometimes I wonder!! I was supposed to release the take it slow song ft sauti sol last week Wednesday…But that never happened, I was threatened that if I release the song then my name would be badly damaged,” he revealed in the post.

However he goes on to encourage his fans that he shall not waver from his ministry and will release the song later today.

“Then the word of God encouraged me that the good work that the Lord started in me…He will remain faithful to finish it. Because many are afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all,” he said.

“I have made up my mind and I'm not turning back, I'm releasing the video tomorrow... Whoever wants to put dirt on me can carry on...THE GOD I SERVE NEVER SLEEPS.

“I will forever remain faithful to my heavenly Father…Many might be against me because the Lord chose me…You can't kill what you never built....” he concluded.

And while Sauti Sol fans were against the group working with Willy Paul, who is considered a controversy magnet, it’s highly doubtful that any of them would go to the extent of threatening the youngster.

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