KENYA: 5 of the Most Hilarious Photoshop Fails that Prove We All Just Want to #TastetheFeeling

We’ve all wanted things that are beyond our means at one point or another. To travel around the world and see some of the seven wonders of the world.

Or if you’re a petrol head like me, you could want to ride the fastest super car in the world. And for you who are stuck behind the desk working 7 days a wondering when you’ll finally get that six pack that you’ve always wanted.

And while some of us are forced to concede to the reality that we may never get to actualize some of our dreams, there are people who will stop at nothing to make sure they do, even if they have to fake it till they make it.

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So unless you want to be like these fake it till you make it people, you might want to reconsider what tasting the feeling means to you.

‘Taste the Feeling’ which is Coca Cola’s new slogan, simply means to embrace your emotions and nothing can give you the bravery to do so like an ice cold Coke.

So whether it’s embracing how you feel about the girl next door, or finally taking that long awaited vacation from your boring desk job, just do it and taste that feeling.


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