UGANDA: A-Pass Proclaims His Undying Love For Flavia Once again!



 A-pass, born- Alexander Bagonza has re-established his feelings for Flavia Tumusime a well known News Anchor for NTV uganda in a new song dubbed 'Flavia' .

In this tune where he manipulates his voice that doesn't seem to get exhausted to the instrumental of J Holidays- Bed, he confesses his love for Flavia and laments about how she refused to give him a chance at her heart!! In the begining of the song.

He then goes ahead to shower her with praises. and goes ahead in the chorus to say;

'' Your freakiness, natural prettiness, pull me more closer to you pretty face''

And this continues for some more time clearly showing that apass has fallen! And fallen really hard for Flavia Tumusime

The rest of the song goes on with him talking about her and what he loves about the very beautiful news anchor who turned him down once but after she hears this tune might change her mind.

We hope this songs gets to Flavias heart and melts it into A-pass's hands because its the kind of tune that you wouldn't stop listening to!!


 To get this brand new tune from A-pass, go to

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