KENYA: If You've Been Wondering Whether Sauti Sol - Willy Paul is Secular or Gospel, Check Out the Lyrics Just Leaked

It is one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year and not only that, it is also one of the biggest shock collabos.

When it was first announced Sauti Sol fans were against the idea of them working with Willy Paul, but the Afropop band stood by their decision to work with the young controversial gospel artist.

Now fans are simply brimming with anxiety mostly because they want to know how it sounds and whether it will lean more on gospel or secular music.

It’s off no doubt the talent Sauti Sol have while Willy Paul is also equally as talented, with most of his songs getting constant airplay on Radio and TV.

Therefore it’s understandable why fans are anticipating this song. And while there’s no audio snippet yet, Willy Paul shared a few lyrics from the song and from them you can clearly tell it will be yet another gospel song for Sauti Sol.

“Morning, just before I release this amazing song ft. Sauti Sol…” wrote Willy Paul on an Instagram post.

Check out the lyrics;

My verse ( lyrics)
Willy willy willy Paul.... Sauti sol.... I'm sorry, naomba msamaha kwa mwenyezi *3

Verse :
Baby, najua kweli unataka, hata nami at some point huanga nataka. But nikona BABA ndani ya maishaaaaa.... Saa inabidii niombe nipate self-control,
Kesho tusipatane na ma birth control,
I feel it in my heart I feel it in my sol,
Tukiweka mungu mbele ata take control,
Isiwe story…Hii mambo ni ngori… Maisha si movie…Usijekesho ukasema WHAT!!! Tag a true fan

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