MDUNDO EXCLUSIVE: Are Amos and Josh Planning on Getting Six Pack and Muscles Like Sauti Sol For Their Upcoming Album? [Details Inside]

When they first came up to the limelight Sauti Sol to the naked eye were just ordinary artists no different from others, but over time they began to rebrand themselves as superstars and to achieve that they began by changing their exterior looks.

And boom! When the moment came that they released their smash hit video Nishike, the boys had become men. With their new abs and muscles they broke the internet. Soon their video hit 1 million views in such a short while, a feat no other artist in Kenya had achieved.

Now Amos and Josh who have worked with Sauti Sol before and have been mentored by them are looking to take a page from Sauti Sol’s playbook as they seek a way to rebrand.

We recently spoke to their manager Zack to find out what the rebranding will entail and why exactly they are doing it.

“It’s going to be a stage by stage development,” he said.

“We are not finished with the process but it’s happening already,” he continued. According to their manager, the rebranding will focus mainly on how the two artists look and their sound as well. From themed dressing for some of the video shoots and down the line the possibility of even joining the gym to get those abs and muscles that their female fans love so much.

And while it’s still and ongoing process we can’t wait to see the finished product at the end of it all.


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