KENYA: Why Mombasa Star Sudi Boy is Now Under New Management

Mombasa-based singer Sudi Boy has established himself as one of the biggest stars from the region, with hit songs like Naona Bado featuring Amileena and Kule Kule.

However the singer still feels like he hasn’t reached his full potential and part of the reason why is his manager who he says is nothing but a big talker who cannot keep his promises.

For this reason, the Coast-star dropped his old manager and has got himself a new man to make his star shine brighter.

“With My New #director #manager sipendi mtu mwenye mdomo mwingi nahatimizi chochote yeye husubiri tu Show ndio adandie lakini ikifikia kazizetu za mziki anaingia mitini anijifanya yuko busy. asante sana My new #manager kwakua bega kwa namimi mwengine miyayusho tu” he wrote as he introduced his new manager.

Currently Sudi Boy is on a country-wide tour with close friend and model Bashka.

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