Daddy Owen shares some of his earned knowledge with fellow gospel artists

With over 10 years music experience its only fair and valid that Daddy Owen shares a piece of his earned knowledge with other upcoming artists which is what he did yesterday during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva on Citizen radio

The artist urged gospel musicians to set a good example to other upcoming musicians and the society at large,

“It is my joy to see new gospel artists coming up each and every day, the gospel music industry in Kenya is like a family and we need to ensure that each one of us behaves in a way that will inspire the society. When one of us does a bad thing, all of us in gospel will suffer as a result”

The star who is one of the most talented and established musicians in the gospel music industry also noted that some of the gospel musicians seem to be straying out of their intended purpose and in the end portray gospel music negatively.

"The music industry has changed a lot over the past few years and each day you find many artists trying to break into the music scene hoping to make it big but it takes a lot of patience and dedication to have your dreams achieved so upcoming artists should just be patient" he also shared.

The Award winning artist plans to diversify his audience this year and is already working with some of the biggest gospel musicians in East and Central Africa in his bid to do so; Tanzania’s Christina Shusho is one of the musicians that has already worked with the star.

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