KENYA: 'It Wasn't Me that Took Your Money' Bahati Tells Upcoming Artists Who Were Conned in His Name

Until recently Bahati has taken a sabbatical from all things social media even going as far as deleting all the pictures from his Instagram account.

He was also away from Facebook for a long time and it seems that some cons took advantage of this and created fake accounts of the artist, ‘BAHATI KENYA’ and ‘BAHATI MUSIQ’ and have been conning some young upcoming artists along the way, asking them to pay a fee in order to be signed to EMB RECORDS.

Bahati who had remained quiet about the issue only came out to declare those accounts fake after one of the accounts asked the public to raise funds for disabled children.

“ BE CAREFUL!!!! …. NOTICE!!! NOTICE!!!!...”

“I have Received Complaints From more than 30 Upcoming Artists been Coned by Different FAKE FACEBOOK Accounts Impersonating as “BAHATI MUSIQ” & “BAHATI KENYA” Who Pretend to be Manangers of EMB RECORDS…been Quiet until the Account Below Posted a Number to the Public that am in Need of Money to Support DISABLED CHILDREN MONITOR program…. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT ME!!! …I Have only One Account “BAHATI” Please Help other Kenyan’s know that am Not the One Begging Money Just IMPERSONATORS…PLEASE HELP ME REPORT ALL THIS SPAM ACCOUNTS!!!” he wrote.


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