Young businessman disowns Nairobi women, releases Lupita Nyong'o song!

O-Mae’s about to be the name on everyone’s lips in town after listening to this track “The Lupita Nyong'o”.

The young businessman/rapper/producer at Basslyn Music Makers has graced the music scene with this new track praising the award-winning Kenyan actress in Hollywood Ms Lupita Nyong'o.

The track has nice beats with catchy phrases as he praises Lupita for her flawless natural beauty, sense of fashion and success.
Likewise he seems to diss Kenyan women who bleach and wear hair extensions/weaves. “…wengine wakibleach yeye anastay black wengine na manywele za farasi basi …toto hajakosa kiti lakini amesimama,” Omae says in the chorus of the song.

Is O-Mae an opportunist trying to hitch hike on Lupita’s recently found success? Well maybe, maybe not but one thing is certain, when an opportunity presents itself this young man knows how to make use of it.

“like I always say on twitter, I’m a businessman and if people think am an opportunist so let it be. If the track makes me money I couldn't care less what they say. I simply admire Miss Lupita and if it’s possible for her to turn up for the video shoot of the song, I would be humbled or maybe if not she can send me a video clip of one of her movies I incorporate it in the video. I simply adore her,” O-Mae told Mdundo.

We wish this young entrepreneur all the best in his coming projects and you should listen to this track a.s.a.p via the link tagged below.

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